Aevo Coin

A community POS/POW/MN coin with a rewarding masternode system

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PoS & Masternodes

The network is secured through PoW and staking, while using incentivized "Masternodes" for services such as instant transactions and governance. Each one requires 42.500 AEVO as collateral. They receive 75% block rewards. 25% going to the stakers.


Use Darksend to keep your payments private and untraceable.


Aevo uses the Scrypt hashing algorithm for its network, providing maximum security and stability.

Aevo details

Building together through crypto!

Total Supply

425.000.000 AEVO

Block Time

120 seconds

Masternode Collateral

42.500 AEVO

Mining algorithm


Proof-of-Stake Maturity

12 hours



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Let’s address the Elephant in the room… Aevo Coin was a scam. And that’s a very important detail to remember. The coin was created with no realistic use or purpose in mind, but a speculative “Do Your Own Research” (DYOR) gamble. Any associated use case was never fulfilled. There were a number of “community takeovers”, and several discords were created, each bringing a small pump, then dump to the market, leaving any coin holders spread over multiple places. Obviously, the original creator of the coin has a good number of coins – maybe even more than 50% of the current supply given the size of the “active” community – Be Warned.

The code base to Aevo coin was first developed around 2012, and it is very old and dated. The wallet is quite reliable for the basics, but buggy and sluggish. Plus, there is no real use for the blockchain, as the blockchain stores nothing other than who owns “how ever many” coins. After several “take overs”, and several realisations that this coin frankly, isn’t worth the time, a few of us have come together, for one last and final “Hurrah”. We are not the most technical people in the world, we’re doing this mostly for ourselves, to keep one foot in the game, to learn more, and to help others who want to learn more. If you don’t like abrupt honesty, please feel free to move on. Frankly, I am deaf to “coin hype”. This is where Fiction meets Facts.

What is Aevo?

Aevo is a proof of stake / masternode / proof of work hybrid scrypt coin. It does all 3. Now, I could bore you with the details of what each is, and spend a lot of time explaining this to fill up this whitepaper, or “blueprint”. But I won’t. If you need any help, please ask in discord. And by the way, I prefer the term “blueprint”, as it gives us much more flexibility going forward. Plus, it isn’t as “fancy” as “whitepaper”, which suits us even more. Aevo isn’t a name of choice, it has links to other brands, much larger and more powerful than us, and over time, we will be rebranding the coin to something more suitable. At the current time nothing is set in stone, but “Advanced Education V….. O…..” - we’re still working on this. At some stage, AEVO will mean something. It’s going to take a while, and many hours of work, but we are committed to cryptocurrency, we are going to build something from the ground up, and we’d like you to join us on the journey. Maybe one day the coin is worth something. Maybe it isn’t. Let’s find out together

Aevo Aim

To build the best community. To be friends. To help those rushing around from 1 coin to the next settle, and to appreciate the value in an active community. To help those who have lost coins to scam after scam get back on their feet. To teach those who never had the help or time to mine, to create masternodes, and to stake efficiently. To build useful technology in the crypto-arena, to help other coins, and those with ambition, without being punitive. To develop our own set of skills and to help you develop yours.

What is the current situation?

Currently, Aevo is listed on Graviex as the primary exchange. Graviex is developing itself as a leading exchange, and is earning trust amongst the crypto community. Volumes are increasing on Graviex consistently, and we are comfortable using the exchange. Graviex are good with customer service, promptly responding to queries, and they have instant withdrawals with low fees. There are several exchanges that look like Graviex – the black layout is notable. As with any exchange, please only leave funds on the exchange that you are prepared to lose, in the event of a hack, or an exit scam. Trust builds over time, please be cautious with your approach to any exchange, even with the former said. You could describe the trading as “bearish” with regard to Aevo – putting it politely. There is a shortage of buyers, as the community is underdeveloped. There is far too much Aevo around, with 125million coins currently in circulation, and another 350million to arrive over the course of the coin. For those of you that would want a hard-cap, or a coin burn, or anything else that increases the “rarity” of the coin, please forget it. We are embracing this coin for what it is. If the coin is successful, we are expecting larger, more “random” coin dumps as people take profits and leave the project. Don’t panic – we need this to happen, in order to build genuine value in the coin at a much later stage. The current discord community is small, with only a handful of active members. The majority of the “other members” are either quietly watching, or are simply fake / bot accounts serving no purpose. Admin have already taken steps to begin verification of users within discord, and we expect that to increase, and be revisited again and again overtime. We will keep rain functions on an on-going basis, and frankly, as they are only ever personal coins being “rained”, we would like them to go to the best, and most active people within our community, not an automated system abuser. We would rather have 100 active people, than 10000 inactive ones. We will regularly prune the server, and we will be removing dead-weight as we go. Please feel free to complain about our approach on Bitcointalk, or Twitter, or anywhere else you would like to complain. You are free to do whatever you want with Aevo coin, should you feel inclined to do so. Our approach is strictly “community first”, and if you aren’t active, we don’t need you.

So what are our plans?

Well, we have several, none of them ground breakers. Aevo won’t be the “next bitcoin”, it won’t be “Iota Fast”, or “Nano Instant”, it will be Aevo, a hybrid scrypt coin. Should the community develop, there may be an opportunity to upgrade the codebase, however, at this time there is little desire to do so due to costs. Obviously this could change quite quickly, but it is very much up to who arrives, and who else is prepared to help. As a community, we need to raise around 0.2btc in order to achieve this in any event, and 0.3btc to add another exchange. Which, I’m sure you would agree, is a lot even with the dropping price of Bitcoin as of 17/11/2018. The first step is to strip out the dead-wood in our community. As some of you will notice, we have already started this process. This is an on-going procedure. When we know how many of us there are active, and prepared to help, we will distribute coins for the sake of staking, and to create masternodes with. It will never be enough to “buy you a lambo”, but it will be enough to help you learn the basics. With that said, we are going to start creating helpful guides, which we will need translating, and we will help to train others within the community so that they can help others in their native language. Setting up a masternode requires basic knowledge of linux, and whilst there are many options for instant-nodes, learning the skills now will help you immensely in 2019/2020.

Secondly, we’re bringing over a mining pool, which will specialise in Scrypt coins. As you know, Aevo is a scrypt coin, it uses a similar code base to Litecoin – loosely. By pure chance, GIO (Graviex own coin), is also a scrypt coin. There are a number of other half-decent projects out there, that we will add to the pool. When connected to the pool, your hash power will be combined with others mining the same coin on the pool, you will be contributing to the security of the network, and also earning a little along the way. We have been toying with the idea of creating a network of low power miners, which you can use at home with low power consumption, and low hash rate. That may seem a little silly… however, many hands make light work. If we are able to set up a large number of miners on the pool, even with low power, there will be an accumulative effect which makes the pool more powerful. Plus, as they are all Scrypt coins, there will be a number of people with Asic miners, who will be more than happy to dust off those old miners to put them to action. Not only will this support Aevo coin, but it will support Graviex as an exchange as well, as well as providing some healthy competition. More details of this will emerge over time, and we will aim to develop the idea with more “how to get started” material, and the hardware required. We are taking a many-contributor, low cost and sustainable approach to this, do not worry

Whilst all this is on-going, we have a bot maker learning his trade. Initially, it will be discord bots, but we expect this to expand to Twitter/Reddit/Instagram and of course, a trading bot, all of which will be built, designed and maintained for the good of the Aevo community. When the bots are fine-tuned, more robust, more useful, we intend to sell the bots and install them on a self-hosted basis for other cryptocurrencies and projects, in their discords etc. We will charge Aevo for this, and a certain amount of the charge, whatever it will be, will be burned. In addition to this, we can offer mining pool set up services, for anyone wishing to learn how to do that. For example, if you would like a pool to specialise in Neoscrypt for example. We hope to bring over a staking pool, or to build one ourselves. Though, this isn’t an urgent priority, considering the risks around hosting and holding coins for others. The recent exit scam at is a good illustration of the pitfalls of third-party staking. Over time, and as the community grows, we aim to upgrade the codebase. Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could introduce a governance system, that randomly awards people “super blocks”, like a “crypto-lottery”. A governance system could be used for something else… though, instead of developers building something to reward themselves, we plan to build something to reward our community. This is just an idea, and could change as we’re at a very early stage, but hopefully you get some idea of what we are aiming to create.

So how can you help?

Well, firstly, get active. Just talk to your friends, make some new ones. 2018 has been exhausting for many people, now is the time to sit back and chill, and build something unique. Secondly, show some buy support. Right, this sounds odd, but there simply isn’t enough BTC in the sub-sat market on graviex to absorb a decent dump. As a coin going forward, we want the largest holders of the coin, to sell their coins at the earliest possible stage. In order to do that, they need to be able to sell for BTC. So, please place buy orders on 01,02,03,04 sub-sats. At the current time, only very small chunks can be sold. Even if the price is driven to 01 sub-sats, only 17million coins would have changed hands. And that simply isn’t enough. So, please don’t “buy into the wall”, unless you are serious about sticking around. It is likely that fast growth in the Aevo/BTC-market, will ultimately mean a fast-dump as well. Be very cautious. Learn to trade. Ask in the group what others think, and help others to make good choices. Do not “FOMO”. There should be no “Fear Of Missing Out”. If we can build genuine amounts of BTC to absorb a decent dump, you can be assured of a more stable future for the coin.

Please don’t shill Aevo-coin. We’re not interested in that. Let people find us. Invite friends, people who you talk to daily to us, and you can talk freely about anything you want. Our first priority, amongst all others, is to ensure a vibrant community. We don’t need discord-invite campaigns or bounties. We don’t need Twitter shillers. We don’t need to mislead or over-sell this to anyone. As a community, it is up to us to restore faith in cryptocurrency. And we will do this slowly, overtime, by building genuine value in the community, and genuine value in the coin.

Current Roadmap

  • Build a Human Discord
  • Buy Domain Name – Complete
  • Move Mining Pool - Complete
  • Request Suggestions for Coins
  • “How to Mine” - Content
  • “How to Masternode”
  • “How to Stake”
  • Explore more “social avenues”
  • Redesign Website - In Process
  • Add content to website
  • Translate Content
  • Build Bots - In Process
  • Re-Announce Aevo on Bitcointalk
  • Build Staking Pool - Decided against for now

Personal Roadmap For Aevo users

  • Build your own network using social media of like minded people
  • Invite like minded people to join who you have a rapport with already
  • Learn all aspects of Aevo, so that you can be a good community member
  • Learn Basic Linux